• Wedding planning is one of the most emerging and a very moderate field for wedding events in now day’s era.Photo
  • If we watch out about 10 years back, the cost of wedding was very small and weddings were very un-managed.
  • But now day’s budged of the weddings rises too much and everyone wants expend more money to make fantastic look.
  • A wedding planner can earn huge amount of money if their management is very attractive and everyone like their arrangement.
  • So the carrier in wedding planning is very bright, if you find a good wedding Academy and learn modern planning-strategy.
  • We provide best training to plan any event and points out to the key features of any event to focus.

Key features of our Academy:

  • We provide a proper training about Food Art which is an essential part of any wedding and wedding related ceremony.
  • Theme Decor/Flower is another feature to we which explain very deeply and give a particle environment to learn for future.
  • Since many other things also there like DJ Sound, Music-instruments, and dancers so we should know how to manage them.
  • Mehendi Art and Make up is another most relevant activity for any wedding event to which we give proper training.
  • We also provide training how to manage the Destination weddings because this is very emerging and modern concept of wedding.
  • Photography and Cinematography save to the event for long future so it should be very impressive, we trained for this.
  • Birthdays and Anniversary event need some different planning strategy with wedding so we provide a proper training for these events.D04A7654
  • PR/Operation Profile Learning give the idea about what are the main points of concentration of the particular event to manage.
  • We provide a best strategic and experimental training about Bride Groom Costume which is a most important for wedding events.
  • We also trained to our students about Marriage Consultant so that they may be a good marriage consultant in future.
  • Many times Tour and travels is also needed in Wedding planning so we provide a proper training for this also.
  • We offer all of the above courses and provide the certificate for the same with the training.

Therefore you may be a very good Wedding planner to join our Academy of Wedding planner in Delhi.

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