About the tutors

Are the tutors professional wedding planners?
Yes, all tutors are working as professional wedding planners.

Course costs

Does the cost for the course include everything I need? Or are there any extra fees?
There are no other costs or fees.

Can I spread the cost of the courses over a period of time?

Course duration

How long does it usually take to complete the course?
Many students complete the course in nine months. But you can do it as quickly or slowly as you want. That’s one advantage of distance learning.

Do I need to finish the course within a certain time?
You can take as long as you want. Unlike other organisations, we don’t set any time limits.

How can I contact my tutor or the Institute?
There have two types of people you can contact – your tutor and a course advisor.
The tutor marks your work, and helps you with any problems. You can fax, e-mail or post assignments to your tutor, whenever you want.