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What is Event Management?

Event Management as a career field requires aspirants to conceptualize, plan and organize an event which can be a political rally, an award show, exhibition, fashion show etc. As part of organizing an event, one needs to identify the target audience, decide the theme for the event, plan logistics and send invites for the event being organized.

Event Management is an extreme creativity field and candidates need to possess excellent communication skills as well as be willing to work odd and long hours in order to be successful in this field. Event management as a career requires people management apart from handling props and taking care of logistics.

Event Management is considered to be a part of mass communication courses that are offered by Academy Of Wedding Planner. Thereafter, at the master’s level aspirants can pursue elaborate programmers in event management specialization.


Required Skill Set for Event Management

Event Management as a field requires candidates to multi-task and stretch their limits at every given stage. Some basic skills that one needs to possess in order to be successful in the event management industry are listed below:

Keen observer Inquisitiveness
Good perception Eye for detail
General awareness Clear headed
Logical Diplomatic
Intellectually curious Self-motivated
Fluent in language Good communicator
Confident Organized
Alert Creative

Event Management Eligibility Criteria

Candidates who wish to secure admission in event management courses offered at colleges/universities should have cleared their 10+2 from a recognized institute with a minimum aggregate of 45%. Most colleges also specify that candidates need to be fluent in Hindi as well as English if they wish to pursue event management course.

Event Management Course Curriculum

The syllabus taught as part of an event management course is known to vary from college to college. Apart from this, the course curriculum also depends on the degree that aspirants secure on completion of the course. Some of the common topics that are taught in an event management course offered are:

Event Management Courses
Course Syllabus
Event Management ·         English

·         Second Language

·         Management Process

·         Business Communication

·         Financial Accounting

·         Environmental Studies

·         Organizational Behavior

·         Advertising Management for Services

·         Economics for Executives

·         Value Education – Human Rights

·         Event Management Planning

·         Event Production Process

·         Skill based Subject- Communication Skills

·         Women’s Rights

·         Human Resource Management

·         Event Cost Accounting & Finance Management

·         PC Software (MS Office) Theory

·         Special Events (Wedding Planning & Live Events)

·         General Awareness

·         Event Team & Crew Management

·         Event Resource Management

·         Brand Management

·         Event Hospitality, Law & Permissions

·         Public Relations

·         Media Management


Event Management Job Profiles & top Recruiters

After completing a course in Event Management aspirants can consider pursuing any of the below mentioned job profiles:

  • Event Planner: In such a job profile one is responsible for planning all the details of an event. The event can be a conference, corporate event or a wedding. An Event Planner makes a detailed plan for the event right from the theme, logistics to the budget.
  • Event Manager: In this job profile one is responsible for each and every aspect of the event that they are organizing for their client. The tasks assigned to an event manager range from conceptualizing, planning, organizing and executing an event in a hassle-free manner.
  • Exhibition Organizer: The job profile of an exhibition organizer is similar to that of an event planner. The primary difference being that an exhibition organizer plans as well as executes fairs and exhibitions.
  • Stage Decorator: In such a job profile one is responsible for designing the stage layout for the event. The stage for an event can have a podium and table on which dignitaries are expected to sit or at a wedding it can be the place where the bride and groom sit. The responsibility of a stage decorator can include arranging as well as placing props on the stage which are in tune with the theme of the event and make the stage stand-out among other decorative elements of the venue.
  • Wedding Planner: In such a portfolio one needs to look after every small detail related to organizing a wedding. A wedding planner helps their clients in planning the various wedding functions and offers his/ her services in working out details like preparing the guest list, guest invitations, deciding the wedding theme, menu as well as other logistics.
  • Logistics Manager: In such a job profile one is responsible for managing transportation of equipment, guests and other things required for the event.