This one day course is designed to be informative, interactive and fun. It aims to provide participants with an overview of the correct use of etiquette and good manners, combining both theory and practical role play. We welcome all age groups, and nationalities on our courses. Course sessions may be run for mixed groups of both men and women, or, if preferred, for ladies or gentlemen only.

Ideal for all sorts of circumstances, the day course covers the essential areas of etiquette. The workshop session covers some key learning points as follows:

  • The correct protocol for meeting and greeting people in a variety of situations both social and business.
  • The use of body language when meeting people, including eye contact, shaking hands and other protocols.
  • Tips for engaging in the art of conversation with the aim of boosting self-awareness and confidence.
  • Personal Grooming – how to present yourself at all times.
  • Teaching modern manners. Manners are nothing to do with whether you are rich, have had a good education or grew up in certain social circles. Today, people are much more likely to define themselves by their work, their interests, as well as their background or social status.

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