• Wedding planning is a moderated field to assigning a management task of any event to a particular person now days.
  • If we see some years back, the expanses in any wedding were very small and the arrangements were very un-managed.
  • There were so many gatherings also in those days but the management were so poor and without any responsible person.
  • So the management was not being controlled by a single person so that no one knows the responsibilities of others.
  • But now days, being so high budged of the weddings, everyone wants expend more money to make the fantastic look.
  • Also a wedding planner can earn big amount of money if their management is attractive and everyone like the arrangement.
  • So the currier of wedding planner is so bright, if you find a good wedding Academy and learn modern planning-strategy.
  • Our Institute provides best training to manage the things in small or big program and pointing out to key features.

Academy Highlights:

  • Food Art is one of the most important parts of every wedding event for which we makes a trained professional.
  • Theme Décor / Flower are a decorating subject which explain deeply and give a particle environment to learn for future.
  • There are so many other instruments like DJ Sound, Music-instruments, and dancers so we should know how to manage them.
  • We provide best training about the Mehdi Art which is most important part of the Mehdi event in every wedding.
  • Make up is another specific subject whose trainers are very much experienced so that they can make you an expert.
  • The destination wedding is most emerging subject of event management which is most expansive and a huge money making program.
  • Photography and Cinematography is an important part which stores the event for long future so it should be very impressive.
  • Birthdays and Anniversary contains some different activities which need some different planning strategy with wedding, we provide a proper training.
  • Bride Groom Costume is specifically for Bride make ups, which is a most important part of each type of weddings.
  • Our Institute provides a best training about the Marriage Consultant so that students could be good marriage consultant in future.
  • Tour and travels are also needed in any wedding planning especially for destination weddings so we provide proper training.

Now you may be the best Wedding planner by joining our Education for part-time professional in Delhi

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