Knowing about table manners is an integral part of personality development. Lessons of table manners are conducted with great particularity in finishing schools and in most of defense institutes.

The way one uses the cutlery, sits at the table, behaves in front of the host and how one acts as a host; all of these constitute the basis of table manners.

It is more like a reflection of one`s upbringing and social class. Learning table etiquette helps one become more confident while dining outside. The tips are not restricted to be used for fine dining but can also be used in regular restaurant experiences. So, let us get started.


Know the Use of Utensils

When you see too many forks, knives and spoons arranged to the left and right of your plate, do not panic. The general rule for using the utensils is to use them from outside to inside. The same rule is applicable for the arrangement of glasses and plates.

If you are being served than half of your worry is solved but if you are supposed to serve yourself then try to observe what the host and others are doing, in case of any confusion.

Never re-use a utensil that has already being used. Even if you intend to eat less food from the main course, do not re-use the appetizer plate for it.

The fork is held in the left hand and the knife or the spoon in the right hand. Most of the people find cutting food using cutlery as a troublesome task. The solution is to ask for a sharper knife from the waiter and try to cut small pieces of food at one time. This will require less effort and will also save you from making a sound. After all, you are cutting food and not a piece of wood with axe.


Eating Habit

One must always sit with their back straight and put the napkin (whether made up of cloth or paper) on the lap. One must bend only slightly towards the plate while putting food in the mouth. Too much of leaning on the plate is not a good habit as it suggests a conscious effort of preventing food to fall on the lap.

When someone asks you to pass on a certain dish do not panic. Gently place your spoon and knife on the plate and pass it. If your hands have become a little messy then clean them first using the napkin.
Once done with the meal, place your spoon and knife in the center of the plate.

Dealing with Embarrassing Moments

What would you do if suddenly you happen to spill the food, burp or fart accidently? Just relax. If you have a charming smile, make use of it. If not, apologize immediately and tell about your recent indigestion problem. You may even say that it is the side effect of some of the supplements you just started off with recently.

Regarding spilling, you are lucky if you are a woman. It is would be easier to get away with it but it is always appropriate to apologize immediately and start with an interesting conversation.
You may even compliment on the way the person is looking so you can lower the flames of anger, if any.


Behavior with the opposite Gender

Men follow women. But, a man does not have to get up every time a woman leaves for the ladies room. The basic chivalry of sitting down when the woman takes her seat and asking her before ordering the food is enough when you not in a relationship.
Women should allow the man to place the order and if they need to get something from the waiter they should tell the man.  Allow the man to take the lead.