One of the most unconventional and interesting careers in the hospitality industry is ‘ Bartending’. Bartending is a part of the food and beverage department of the hospitality industry. A bartender is a person who brings life to the bar. A bartender is known for his multi-tasking skills such as promptness, body language, smartness, and an ability to meet the one’s demand and provide them with the experience that they are looking for. With the ‘pub culture’ becoming widely popular across the country, bartending as a career is also gaining wide popularity in India. The job of a bartender is not that easy as it looks like.

A good bartender is known for their hospitality and has an innate knowledge of – what mixed with what forms what! They are entitled to multiple responsibilities from cleanliness in the bar to getting stocks and keeping an eye on replenished products, to tracking sales summary and training the team about new offers.

Basics of Mixology
Basics, methods, usage, standard operating procedures. Includes theory & classic cocktails practical’s.

Mixology Level 2 Advanced Mixology
Infusions, Barrel ageing, Smoked, Molecular (Foams, specifications). Creative usage of glassware. Importance of presentation.

Signature Cocktails
Presentation of signature cocktails by students. Session will be reviewed by leaders in beverage industry & graduation

Personality Development
Qualities of bartenders, personality development, Focusing on body language, presentation skills of bartenders during regular operations & cocktail competitions.

Beverage Management
Beverage Controls, Inventory management, stock handling, ordering, Hygiene reports etc.,

Bar Operations
Opening the bar & Bar equipment, Licensing laws, inventory and FLR formalities, Effective Buying, Costing and Beverage Controls, Menu Planning

Customer Service / Situation Handling
Understanding customer and providing service, Basic scenarios of problem handling in daily bar operations

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