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Wedding planning – Scope and requirement:

  • This global development era initiates to make each moment as a memorable event and store each moments for long time.
  • Wedding is one of the most important and unique events of anyone’s life so need to plan it properly.
  • So this is a unique field in which there is no limit of scope and also earnings by wedding planner.
  • Therefore wedding planning is most emerging and scopic field which could make the future so bright as never can assume.
  • Our Institute provides proper training of each subject related to the wedding planning which are necessary to make them expert.

Some of the specialization courses and certificate courses are also there which make someone specific and unique in wedding planning:

  • FOOD ART: Food art is teamwork with utter dedication and with the highest level of professionalism in the hospitality industry. We make experts to our students in making food with our hearts at our Academy of Wedding Planner in Delhi. Since we believe in creating memories for you, your friends and your esteemed guests to fondly remember throughout their lives.
  • THEME DECOR / FLOWER: Our theme party decorations option completely compliments your party theme and allows doing something completely different.
  • VENUE: FARMS & HOTELS: The wedding rose is another unit of wedding planning which is working as a window source. These units working as an intermediate person between you and other top-class properties for booking to perform any functions.
  • EVENT, D.J SOUND& MUSIC: This course is especially for musicians who want to develop their creativity by their unique music. They create theoretical and practical skills to compose record and produce music and sound for TV, Film and many more.
  • PHOTOGRAPHY & CINEMATOGRAPHY: AOWPof Photography offers unique basic photography learning and creative photography leanings in a very short time. Here fundamentals of seeing and capturing a subject and the subsequent inspiring images are instilled into an aspiring photographer.
  • WEDDING CARDS/GIFT BOXES: Our Academy offers part-time and full-time Wedding Day Gifts specifically for many different types’ events. Some Unique basic Trousseau Gift Packing course, Birthday Gifts, Special Gifts, Flowers, Gifts, Cakes, Corporate Gift, Decorative Gift and many.
  • TROUSSEAU GIFT PACKING: Our Institute offers unique basic Trousseau Gift Packing course, Gift Items, Paintings and Crafts, Flower Bouquet, etc.

Therefore at Academy of wedding planner in Delhi, you may get proper training of each course offered by our Institute.

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