We are the Academy of Wedding Planner in the Delhi to offer specialized courses in Wedding Styling and Design. Along with our flagship Certificates in Wedding Planning and Event Planning we also offer a Certificate in Event Design, Diploma in Wedding Planning, Styling and Design and Advanced Diploma in Special Event Planning and Design.

The Wedding Planning Institute, a division of Kritika Wedding-n-Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., was founded with the sole purpose of providing aspiring wedding planners with the best possible education. The Institute is dedicated to the highest standards, offering wedding planning certification, business fundamentals, continuing education classes and seminars. Because the wedding planner plays such an integral role in the planning of a couple’s most important day, there is much to learn in the way of planning, budgets, working with vendors, contracts, revenue channels, not to mention keeping up with the latest trends in bridal fashion, color choices and wedding design.

To address the demands of the industry our programs are created for real-world application including experiential learning. This includes role-playing, vignettes and other ways to practice for actual business objectives or work settings in the day-to-day of wedding planning.

Our career counselors work closely with all students to understand their needs and to design educational career paths that provide the experience, engagement and competency needed to achieve the student’s objectives. The Wedding Planning Institute is available to students who are interested in receiving the industry’s premier education in the business of planning weddings and social events. The Institute’s Tutors are full-time wedding planners, who bring their on-the-job experience to the course.

You’ll get advice directly from active practitioners – not armchair theorists.The Institute is wholly financed by its members, from its courses and subscriptions, from lectures and published material.

Our Core Values

To provide a safe and effective learning environment To maintain a relevant and up-to-date curriculum To provide skills that employers and clients demand To connect mentoring and study to practical application To provide transferable skills applicable outside the immediate field of study To reward and value the teaching staff as The Academy of Wedding Planner greatest asset


Our mission is to produce a new generation of quality and committed wedding planners, by offering superior learning opportunity with a perfect blend of entertainment studies & career growth.

Why Academy of Wedding Planner

A wedding is a lifetime commitment; an exchange of vows; a bonding of families, a new beginning. It is a parent’s lifelong vision for their children and also a couple’s stepping-stone to a new life, new promises and their dreams. Planning a wedding however comes with a lot of stress, innumerous coordination, intense anxiety and a planning process that is very time consuming. Traditionally a wedding involved the support and input of the family and extended family members, keeping in mind the family traditions.

Today, families have become more nuclear and more widespread. Brides and grooms are opting for newer ideas, interesting and novel concepts and new formats of styling a wedding.

Latest entertainment ideas, innovative designs, trendy couture, varied cuisines, hi-tech decorations have become the vogue and nuance of today’s weddings. With the service and support of a professional wedding planner it is now possible to conduct lavish weddings, without the added stress.

For more information please email us: wedding16roses@gmail.com or Call us: +91 – 9810261007 and one of our Course Consultants will be happy to chat to you about a career path and what you want to achieve from your study.